Livro: Como Romper Esse Legado

In the book, Smoking: how to break this legacy, Juliana Bilachi helps the readers to comprehend, in a simpler and more human way, the world surrounding the nicotine addicted. She approaches several essential concepts to the understanding of their relationship with cigarette, and she does it by showing the data of her own research, which deals with a range of reasons that take a person to become a smoker. Having great success between theory and practice, the author uses clinical examples and patient’s testimonies, causing the reader to think about the good results, which serve as motivation for the battle against smoking. The book presents remarkable stories and an easy reading, besides being a good guide presenting a clear planning for those willing to quit smoking and those who need to help someone to do that.

The book “Smoking – how to break this legacy” had its second edition launched nationally at Saraiva bookstore, at Center Norte Shopping Mall (São Paulo city) in November 2013, by JB publisher from Sao Jose do Rio Preto (state of São Paulo). The book can be purchased directly from this site and from Loyola bookstore online.